Teaching Together, Learning Better

O projeto TTLB inserido no programa Erasmus+ tem como objetivo a partilha de métodos de ensino entre os diferentes intervenientes e a sua disseminação pelas escolas de cada um dos participantes. Com isto espera-se melhorar as competências dos alunos e refinar os métodos dos professores.

Neste projeto, participaram a nossa escola, a escola Berufliche Oberschule Erding de Erding-Alemanha, a escola Liceo Ginnasio Statale Anco Marzio de Lido Di Ostia-Italy e a escola IES Gabriel Alonso de Herrera de Talavera de la Reina- Espanha.

Implemented methods / Métodos implementados

Mebis project

Regarding all the technological and social advances of this century, it became urgent for every school to move from paradigms focused exclusively on knowledge to others more centralized on the development of competences mobilizing knowledge, skills and attitudes to respond to today's challenges in a society of multiliteracies that requires integrated citizens, endowed with critical thinking, creativity and capable of acting autonomously or in collaboration with others in a sustainable and global world. Bearing this in mind and as a result of the the school's participation in the Teaching together Learning better project inserted in the Erasmus plus KA2 Program, the proposal of a set of activities that aim to develop skills transversal to all disciplinary areas and determinant in the student profile was our main objective.

The project and the activities stem from the project developed by the German school Berufliche Oberschule Erding, the activities from the platform Mebis that have been presented to us and later translated to English. Our German partners, to whom we give thanks, have been kind enough to translate all the resources into English and later sent them to us by email. All the materials have been translated into Portuguese by a teamwork composed by four teachers from our school (Manuela Felgueira, Fernanda Neves, Paula Alves and Mary Nogueira) and rearranged and readapted to our students from the 10th grade.

Flipped Classroom project

Flipped learning is understood through a pedagogical approach in which the classroom moves from the collective learning dimension to the individual learning dimension, transforming it into a dynamic and interactive learning environment in which the teacher guides the students in the construction of their own learning.

There is a difference between the terms flipped classroom and flipped learning as "inverting the class" (students are asked to read some text or watch a video at home, with additional materials or even to solve problems prior to class) may or may not necessarily lead to a flipped learning practice

Programming and robotic project

The integration of robotics into the classes allows computational thinking and programming concepts to become tangible, that is, outside the screen space of the computer.

Learning to create, to plan, to solve problems, to program linking tangible artefacts, building with a purpose, providing also the articulation with contents of the different areas of knowledge, can be implemented using programming and robotics. This option provides moments of "learning by doing", within the relation the student establishes when relating his ideas to the artifacts, the process during which the student obtains and visualizes immediate results.


On this document it's described the implementation process of the three methods

Here you can consult the final portefolio of the implementation.

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Meetings / Reuniões

The project started with a kickoff meeting at Erding, followed by meetings at Viana do castelo, Erding, Óstia, Talavera de la Reina and a final meeting at Óstia.
O projecto começou com uma reunião de lançamento em Erding, seguida por reuniões em Viana do Castelo, Erding, Óstia, Talavera de la Reina e uma reunião final em Óstia.